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Alice & Bertie® is about many things including connecting first with ourselves, and then reaching out to others.

Your valuable comments are always appreciated. Why not share them here for others to read? We reply if requested. If you wish to comment privately about what this work has meant to you, then please feel free to contact us using the contact form.

Inspiring and Enabling!
My life just seems to be manic right now - so I have really needed this book. Alice and Bertie have been been both inspiring and enabling! I have read the book several times and each time I have found something different to think about ...and work on!
Thank you Neil for both the thoughts that lie within the pages of The Tree and also the wonderful illustrations which I love!
Simplicity and depth
How I have enjoyed this story, its simplicity and its depth. Into this delicately presented little book has been woven, for me, a memoire, a meander and a meditation. I wondered if Alice recognised that her journey was threaded through with the universal elements of earth, water, fire and space. Maybe Bertie did?
Thought provoking
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed my read. I love Neil’s pictures, although poor Bertie looks like he needs a good feed up!!
Making me think a lot. Will read again. So far I can identify with Alice’s feelings of release and calm. These are what I feel when I go and stay in the little cottage in Scotland. Everything gets put into perspective, and just enjoying the wonderful sights, smells and open space, plus the feeling that nothing really matters ( the materialistic things and stuff like is my hair a mess, am I looking really scruffy) gives me a huge sense of release. I try to carry it back home with me but once there everything becomes so fraught it is hard to hold on to it.
A very provocative read, but in a good way, making me question myself and how my life is.
Thank you Penelope - what a lovely sentiment. I am very glad that you feel this way.
Alice and Bertie - the tree
This book takes you to a beautiful place, I could spend plenty of time there.

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